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Pennsylvania Employer's Workers Compensation Obligations

While business growth is exciting, it also increases the costs of labor and related expenses. Businesses that have grown to become “employers” face many new challenges, including the need for Workers’ Compensation Coverage. This note will discuss the obligations of a Pennsylvania employer regarding worker’s compensation and will suggest measures your business can take to minimize the risk of unexpected claims or expenses.
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11/2/2012| Reference Number : 17.0| Human Resources | Worker's Compensation |

Recovering CDL Training Costs

Employers invest significant amounts of time and money in specialized training for prospective and existing employees. When the employee uses their newly acquired knowledge, skill, or credentials for the benefit of the company, the in-vestment pays off. But, if the employee leaves shortly after the training, or never joins the company, the investment is lost. This article provides some insight and suggestions that will help employers avoid losing the value of their investment in specialized trai...
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9/1/2012| Reference Number : 16.0| Human Resources, School Bus | Training, CDL |

Pennsylvania Laws Regarding Student Transportation Contract Bids

With a New Year often come changes and challenges in running your business. One such new challenge for 2013 is the Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training Act. January 2, 2013 was the official effective date for the recently enacted law governing mandatory child abuse recognition and reporting training. The new Pennsylvania law (1084, No. 126 Cl. 24 Session of 2012 amendment of the Public School Code of 1949 Section 1205.6) mandates that all school entities and independent contractors of ...
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8/1/2012| Reference Number : 15.0| School Bus | Contract negotiation |

Employee Handbook vs. Procedure Manual

The Employee Handbook and Procedure Manual serve two distinct purposes. The employee handbook is an important opportunity to ensure employees understand the company’s expectations and where to find general information. It is essential for the employer to put things in writing to add clarity and unity of purpose to the company mission and philosophy. The employee handbook is best written using a straightforward language and organized for easy referencing of company policies. It is an importan...
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6/6/2012| Reference Number : 13.0| Human Resources | Handbook, Procedure manual |

Traffic Offenses and CDL Disqualification

While everyone is aware of the November 2011 amendment to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations restricting the use of hand-held mobile telephones by drivers of commercial motor vehicles, the recent passage of Pennsylvania’s ban on texting while driving has raised some questions about how violations of the new law will affect holders of commercial driver’s licenses. Following is some information about the new texting while driving ban and about violations that can affect a commercial dr...
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PSBA Opposes PA Budget Block Grant Proposal

On February 7, 2012, Governor Corbett issued a press release in support of his 2012-13 Student Achievement Education Block Grant budget proposal. The Governor’s press release touts the budget proposal as providing school districts with flexibility and eliminating duplicative services and state mandates. However, the proposed budget combines four previously separate appropriations, basic education, pupil transportation, nonpublic transportation, and school employees’ social security. The net re...
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PSBA Supports SB 117, PN 1376 Proposed Changes to PA Wiretap Law

Many school bus contractors are faced with the Pennsylvania wiretap law dilemma. That is, school districts contractually or informally require video and audio taping on school buses for the purpose of enhancing student safety and addressing student discipline issues. But, audio taping is prohibited by Pennsylvania statutes and case law. The current statutes even impose criminal and civil penalties for violators. School officials point to specific examples of local law enforcement’s refusal to p...
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3/20/2012| Reference Number : 9.0| School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | Wiretap Law |
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