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School District Exempted from Negligence Claim in Evacuation Drill Injury Lawsuit

The parents of a Pennsylvania child are seeking damages in a civil action, from the school district and the independent school bus contractor for injuries sustained during a school bus evacuation drill. A critical review of your evacuation drill policy and procedure would be wise.
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6/1/2011| Reference Number : 30.0| School Bus | Evacuation drills |

Applicant Disqualification for Criminal Conduct - What is the Law?

Hiring good and reliable employees is a big challenge – good inter-view, good qualifications, clean criminal background check – uh, oh – your best candidate was con-victed of shoplifting 25 years ago, or charged with assault 10 years ago, what if the was just arrested, but not convicted… and what is a non-conviction anyway? Improper use of criminal background infor-mation in hiring decisions can make the employer liable for fines, damages, and attorney’s fees. Following is some information ...
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5/31/2011| Reference Number : 31.0| Human Resources | Background checks |

EEOC Reports Retaliation Claims Surpass Race Discrimination Claims in 2010

Good employers do not practice discrimination and know how to avoid unfounded claims. However, many employers are not aware of a growing trend in retaliation claims filed by employees. For the first time ever, retaliation claims surpassed racial discrimination claims as the most common Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charge. See, U.S EEOC FY 2010 Performance and Accountability Report.
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2/17/2011| Reference Number : 27.0| Human Resources, Insurance/Risk Management | Retaliation claims |
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