Practice Areas

Business Counsel

RC Kelly Law Associates created the Business Counsel Program to address legal matters that arise in the day to day events of most businesses. Most often, businesses seek legal advice only after a significant event occurs. With our program, you have access to up front legal advice and insight to help prevent these issues before they arise.


Human Resources Consulting

Our HR consulting program provides you with human resources expertise and access to legal counsel at a service level that is tailored to fit your business and your needs. The program eliminates the ups and downs and surprises of traditional hourly billing and assures that there is no matter “too small” for proper expert review and handling.


Contract Administration

The contractual environment for all businesses has become more complex in recent years. RC Kelly Law’s Contract Administration Program will help you navigate the contractual environment “from proposal to payment”.


Motions, Minutes
and Bylaws

Managing non-profit governance is often fraught with uncertainty. Do we need a motion on this? Are the bylaws clear? Should that be in the minutes? RC Kelly Law can help answer those questions and provide you with governance documents, meeting procedures, and committee plans that instill confidence and advance your goals.



Training sessions are designed to fit your company. Sessions can range in time and number of sessions depending on your needs. Once a schedule is decided, RC Kelly Law Associates create a comprehensive curriculum to effectively train your employees, managers and/or supervisors.


Government Relations

Our GR consultants understand that legislation and regulation is often difficult to navigate and comprehend. As a result, our experts can tailor programs best suited based on your business needs to ensure your compliance does not fall to the way side. We create custom reporting based on your industry to summarize your compliance requirements in an easy to digest format – ensuring you always stay one-step ahead of emerging trends.


Industry Specific Features

RC Kelly Law Associates is an innovative law firm, working with clients in all stages of business development. We are committed to finding practical solutions for our clients, so they can stay focused on their core business. CLICK HERE to access a sampling of projects and services offered. 

Comprehensive Training Programs

Training sessions are designed to fit your company and audience.

Workshops & Webinars

RC Kelly Law Associates offers workshops and webinars on important legal and human resources topics in your industry.

Legal Focus Articles

Our monthly "Legal Focus" articles address evolving laws and issues important to every business owner, big or small.

Business Counsel Program

RC Kelly Law's BCP program provides all of the legal and consulting support your business needs for one monthly flat fee and eliminates the ups and downs and surprises of traditional hourly billing.



Our firm has had the privilege of helping many businesses and individuals find solutions to their legal and HR issues and are committed to helping our clients succeed. Find out why businesses trust RC Kelly Law Associates in the testimonials below.