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Hot Pursuit – Effectively Pursuing School Bus Passing Violators in Pennsylvania

In recent years, public awareness of illegal passing of school buses has increased and Pennsylvania legislators, with the help of PSBA initiatives, have taken notice and made an effort to curb illegal passing. However, often when new laws are passed enforcement is not always as seamless as hoped when the law is written, Pennsylvania School Bus Stopping Laws are no exception. Law enforcement and Pennsylvania courts sometimes have difficulty enforcing the new laws and, as a result, may leave schoo...
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Per Run Pay – Minimum Wage and Overtime Considerations

Many school transportation contractors continue to look for creative ways to retain drivers. Some contractors may decide to pay their drivers on a per run basis, rather than by the hour. This can be an attractive payment model for drivers, and award efficiency with more pay in less time. However, contractors that pay their drivers on a per run basis should be mindful of their obligations of continued compliance with applicable minimum wage and overtime laws. Continue reading to learn how federal...
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School Bus Capacity and Route Times

The 2022-2023 school year is well underway, and the realities of the driver shortage continue to be apparent to transportation contractors, school districts, and parents of students alike. Prior to the start of this school year, many schools and contractors were left with no choice but to combine bus routes due to lack of drivers. Combined routes means more kids on each bus and longer route times. Continue reading for further discussion of school bus capacity and route duration issues.
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Special Needs Student Discipline on the Bus in Pennsylvania

Sometimes, disciplinary action must to be taken to address inappropriate student behavior on the school bus. But when the student at issue has special needs or is subject to an IEP or 504 plan, schools are sometimes reluctant to support appropriate and necessary measures, even when those measures may be essential for the safety of the student and others on the bus. Continue reading to learn more about addressing the challenges of special needs student discipline.Click Here to Read More
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Back to School Recruiting and Retaining Drivers

Back to school season is in high gear and effective driver recruiting and retention are an important part of minimizing the issues that arise. The driver shortage has increased the need to take advantage of every opportunity to hire and retain drivers. So, school bus contractors must consider different strategies when deciding what will best help alleviate the driver shortage for your business. Below, we discuss different strategies that you can try.Click Here to Read More
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Understanding Employees Clearances – Background Check Review and Portability

Back to school season is in high gear and driver clearances are an important part of that process. The driver shortage has increased the need to take advantage of every opportunity to hire a driver, but contractors must also assure their employees are eligible to work with children under applicable laws. It is important for school bus contractors to understand and properly use background check information when making employment decisions. Below, we discuss what you need to know.Click Here to Rea...
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Compensable Pre-Employment Training

For school transportation contractors in Pennsylvania, it is peak hiring season as the start of the new school year is just under a month away. Many contractors are navigating through the nationwide driver shortage to find drivers to fill seats on school buses for the upcoming school year, and are beginning to take a closer look at policies and practices relating to the hiring and training of drivers. As contractors continue to look for creative ways to address the driver shortage while experien...
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