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Registering Your School Buses in Pennsylvania – A Closer Look

Contractors who plan to provide services beyond traditional home-to-school transportation often have questions about what Pennsylvania registration is best for their needs. While each type of school bus registration has a specific intended purpose, many of the use categories overlap. So, each contractor may have a different approach regarding what PA license plate works best for their school buses. Continue reading for information about each of the license plate types available for school bus op...
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Oral Fluid Drug Testing – What You Should Know

On May 2, 2023, the Department of Transportation (“DOT”) published a final rule permitting the use of oral fluid drug testing in certain regulated drug testing programs. The final rule affects agencies under the DOT, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”). Continue reading to learn more about what the rule requires, as well as some additional considerations regarding oral fluid drug testing.
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6/1/2023| Reference Number : 259.203.1| Legal, School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | Drug testing, DOT, FMCSA, Employer Policies |

Beware of Citations that Result in Automatic CDL Suspension

Even the safest school bus driver could be cited by police or a DOT enforcement officer at some point. Sometimes a minor indiscretion, on personal time, leads to the driver think that a quick and quiet disposition is best. But, pleading guilty and paying a fine can lead to serious and unexpected consequences. Many drivers are unaware that many offenses require an automatic CDL license suspension that could put your driver out of action. Continue reading for more information
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What to Know About Non-Domiciled CDLs

As we approach the end of another school year, many school transportation contractors will once again ramp up their summer recruitment and hiring practices. While some transportation contractors have found temporary relief from the weight of the ongoing driver shortage, such as those who are in states that have adopted the FMCSA Under the Hood Waiver, most contractors will continue to battle the shortage heading into the coming school year. As contractors are casting a wider net for school bus d...
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4/25/2023| Reference Number : 259.200| Legal, School Bus | Drug testin g, DOT, FMCSA, Employer Policies |

Tax Free “Red Dyed” Diesel Fuel for Student Transportation

School bus contractors frequently have questions about the use of tax free “red dyed” diesel fuel for student transportation. Contractors want to be sure they are compliant with all laws, and often have to answer questions from schools, and sometimes from fuel suppliers who are not familiar with school bus operations. Continue reading to learn more about applicable laws on tax free red dyed diesel fuel.
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New NLRB Ruling Affects Non-Disparagement and Confidentially Clauses

When entering into formal agreements with employees, employers commonly include terms to protect certain interests, such as its reputation and image, or the terms surrounding the specific agreement. Recently, the National Labor Relations Board (the “NLRB”) decided an issue before it concerning non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses that were incorporated into severance agreements signed by employees. The Board’s decision ultimately affects how employers should use similar language in f...
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3/27/2023| Reference Number : 259.197| McLaren Macomb, #MeToo, Sexual Harassment, NLRB, Non-Disparagement, Confidentiality |

Legal Updates – 2022 in Review

In 2022, school districts operated mostly uninterrupted from the coronavirus, and federal and state governments tackled more issues unrelated to the pandemic. For school transportation contractors, this meant keeping up with new or amended laws and regulations, and other significant events. Continue reading for a discussion on some of the biggest legal topics affecting the school transportation industry in 2022.
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3/20/2023| Reference Number : 259.110.2 | Legal, School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | HR15, Driver Shortage, Electric Buses, COVID-19 |
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