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Contract Administration Program

The contractual environment for all businesses has become more complex in recent years. Contracts that were formerly sealed with a handshake or simple agreement now require complex legal documents. Our Contract Administration Program will help you navigate the contractual environment “from proposal to payment”. Over and over, we have seen business owners surprised to discover the scope of the risks they had unknowingly accepted through the complex contracts. Our program evolved form client requests for help navigating today’s complex contractual environment. Today we provide this valuable service to many business clients.

Contracts Review and Redraft

Our most basic service is a Contracts Review and Redraft. We will review the contract documents from some of your recent completed projects and report our findings with practical recommendations in simple terms. We focus on helping you understand what you are signing and helping you avoid risks and unexpected results. Next, we can incorporate those recommendations into your day to day forms and procedures by redrafting the standard language in your business documents with emphasis on the needs of your particular business.

Full Service Contract Administration

Our Full Service Contract Administration Program helps level the playing field, especially when faced with complex contracts drafted by larger project partners. We work with your staff from proposal to payment under a unique flat fee arrangement. This encourages your staff’s full use of the service provided. When project issues arise, we know your business well enough to provide quick, practical solutions. We can provide behind the scenes support and counsel or up front representation. We aim to offer the right level of support in every situation, enough to protect your rights but never at the expense of your valuable business relationships. Our Contract Administration Program is a truly unique service that evolved from meeting the needs of growing businesses. We understand your business and the challenges you face each day. We provide assistance and counsel to you and your staff so you can spend your time generating revenue instead of reading contracts.