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Questions from the Road - Regionals 2013

It was a great pleasure to join the PSBA team as they visited Meadville, Washington and Gettysburg during the Regional trip held the last week of March. Each evening session was well attended and we had great participation from the audience. Of course there were a few questions we didn’t get to or we wanted to research the topic a bit more before answering to get the details straight. These excellent questions from the March Regionals are answered below in potpourri fashion.
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Pennsylvania Wiretap Law Updates

As you will recall, in 2012 the Pennsylvania Legislature considered a variety of changes to Pennsylvania’s existing wiretap law, 18 Pa.C.S. § 5703. The existing statue, commonly regarded as the most restrictive in the nation, devotes most of its text to law enforcement’s use of wiretaps and provides criminal and civil remedies for violations. The risk of enforcement against a school bus contractor is an unintended result of that statue. While certain changes to Pennsylvania’s wiretap law wer...
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4/2/2013| Reference Number : 9.1| School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | Wiretap Law |

PSBA Supports SB 117, PN 1376 Proposed Changes to PA Wiretap Law

Many school bus contractors are faced with the Pennsylvania wiretap law dilemma. That is, school districts contractually or informally require video and audio taping on school buses for the purpose of enhancing student safety and addressing student discipline issues. But, audio taping is prohibited by Pennsylvania statutes and case law. The current statutes even impose criminal and civil penalties for violators. School officials point to specific examples of local law enforcement’s refusal to p...
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3/20/2012| Reference Number : 9.0| School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | Wiretap Law |

Assuring Fair Process in Pennsylvania - Open Meetings, Right to Know, and Conflicts of Interest

Questions about the fairness of the contract negotiation process with a school district or school board are common - what matters must be discussed in open meetings, what information am I entitled to receive, and what can be done to reconcile a board member’s conflict of interest? This note will briefly discuss the Pennsylvania statues that deal with open meetings, the right to information, and the ethical issue of conflicts of interest.
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