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Succession Planning: Taking Control of Your Business's Future

What is your retirement plan? At this year’s PSBA Annual Convention at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, Rich Kelly presented a workshop discussing Succession Planning. If you were unable to attend Rich’s presentation, this article to reviews what you need to know about planning to transition your business from one generation to the next and other ways your business can fund your retirement.
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8/20/2017| Reference Number : 43.1| Insurance/Risk Management | Succession Planning |

Succession Planning (article published under PSBA guise - not RCKLA/Legal Focus)

What does the next generation of your company look like? Who will carry on when retirement comes, ready or not! These are the important questions that need to be asked when Succession Planning. Included in this article is information regarding what Succession Planning really is, how to start and the steps you need to take to begin your Succession Planning today
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8/2/2014| Reference Number : 43.0| Insurance/Risk Management | Succession Planning |