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Payroll Protection Plan and Tax Issues for School Bus Contractors

Now that the Payroll Protection Plan loans have started funding – the questions re: how to qualify for forgiveness and how to coordinate these funds with other benefits are on everyone’s mind. School bus contractors have their own unique difficulties in this area, especially in coordination with their contracts and the school year calendar. Just like the application process, the tax issues are as clear as mud in many regards. Some questions can be answered, but some just cannot, so far. So, Ri...
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Certified Safety Committees – Maximize the Benefit

While many Contractors understand the importance of safety in their operations, few may actually be maximizing the benefits of company safety policies and procedures. Did you know that an employer with a Certified Workplace Safety Committee is eligible to receive a five percent (5%) discount on their Workers' Compensation Insurance premium annually? Soliciting the assistance of your staff and developing a Certified Safety Committee will help you identify and correct additional risks you may ...
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Workplace Investigations

Employers are often unsure how to proceed when they receive a complaint of alleged misconduct in the workplace. Sometimes the complaints or allegations are clear and detailed. But, other times employees might not be forth coming with details for a number of reasons. Knowing how to identify and respond to reported or potential improper workplace conduct is important for all employers. Investigating reported or possible incidents of improper conduct in the workplace can be done through a workplace...
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Succession Planning: Taking Control of Your Business's Future

What is your retirement plan? At this year’s PSBA Annual Convention at the Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, Rich Kelly presented a workshop discussing Succession Planning. If you were unable to attend Rich’s presentation, this article to reviews what you need to know about planning to transition your business from one generation to the next and other ways your business can fund your retirement.
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8/20/2017| Reference Number : 43.1| Insurance/Risk Management | Succession Planning |

The Cost of Compliance with Annual Physical and Proposed Statutory Changes

While Pennsylvania law requires school bus drivers to have a physical no later than every 12 months, most healthcare plans will only pay for an annual physical if it has been more than 12 months since the last exam. This forces a school bus driver to choose between paying out of pocket for an annual exam every other year or risk a gap in compliance with the annual physical requirement. This note will discuss the current Pennsylvania state law, proposed statutory changes, and what some contractor...
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10/2/2014| Reference Number : 45.0| Human Resources, School Bus, Insurance/Risk Management | Annual Physicals |

Fitness for Duty Considerations and Risk Management Techniques

There’s a simple way to avoid many risk management claims like worker’s compensation, bus accidents and regulatory citation: Don’t put the wrong worker to work. The “wrong worker,” is anyone who is physically unable or unfit to perform essential job functions. Creating and following a Fitness for Duty program at your company can help you identify workers who should not be behind the wheel, turning a wrench or assisting special needs students in an out of the seat. In doing so, you can prot...
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9/2/2014| Reference Number : 44.0| Human Resources, Insurance/Risk Management | Fitness for Duty |

Succession Planning (article published under PSBA guise - not RCKLA/Legal Focus)

What does the next generation of your company look like? Who will carry on when retirement comes, ready or not! These are the important questions that need to be asked when Succession Planning. Included in this article is information regarding what Succession Planning really is, how to start and the steps you need to take to begin your Succession Planning today
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8/2/2014| Reference Number : 43.0| Insurance/Risk Management | Succession Planning |
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