Sandra Steelhammer, AIC


Phone:    215-896-3846 x104
Fax:       267-653-1405
Email:    sandi@rckelly.com


Consultant/Legal & Business

Sandi’s broad based experience in business, education and insurance supports the firm’s work with our commercial clients in the areas of contract administration, collections, Human Resources, and general business matters. In addition, Sandi administers the firm’s presentation and event offerings and our continuing education services for insurance agents and other licensed professionals.

Professional Qualifications

Sandi holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ with concentrations in math, physics, and computer science in addition to holding a Pennsylvania State teaching certificate.  She worked for the claims and training departments of regional and national insurers handling worker’s comp, liability and property claims.  In addition, Sandi was responsible for employee training including management leadership and insurance agent training along with career coaching and succession planning.  Sandi played a critical role in developing, designing, and delivering companywide product and system trainings including user manuals and e-learning modules which spanned all disciplines.



Rutgers University