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Payroll Protection Plan and Tax Issues for School Bus Contractors

Now that the Payroll Protection Plan loans have started funding – the questions re: how to qualify for forgiveness and how to coordinate these funds with other benefits are on everyone’s mind. School bus contractors have their own unique difficulties in this area, especially in coordination with their contracts and the school year calendar. Just like the application process, the tax issues are as clear as mud in many regards. Some questions can be answered, but some just cannot, so far. So, Ri...
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Coronavirus Updates for School Bus Contractors Continued Payments to School Bus Contractors under the CARES Act Paid Emergency Leave and Sick Leave under the Families First Act

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) are two new federal laws with important implications for school bus contractors. The CARES Act directs schools to continue paying school bus contractors during Coronavirus school closures, enhances existing unemployment compensation benefits, and makes loans and grants available to businesses during Coronavirus school closures. The Families First Act modifies the Family Medi...
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4/1/2020| Reference Number : 155.0| Legal, School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | COVID-19, Families First Act, CARES Act |

2018 Decisions Bring Changes for Employers and Labor Unions

The landscape of decisions that effect employers and labor unions has changed in 2018 demonstrated by two cases as outlined below. This article will prove details of the two decisions and discuss how this could effect your business.
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Legal Updates for School Bus Contractors - The Year 2016 in Review

The legal environment for the school bus industry was active in 2016. For a summary of the most talked about legal topics of the past year, contact RC Kelly Law Associates for our article titled "Legal Updates for School Bus Contractors The 2016 Year in Review"
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U.S. Treasury Department Proposes New Regulations that Would Impact Transfers of Family Controlled Companies

On August 2, 2016, the Treasury Department released a proposal to modify the tax regulations for transferring interests in family owned corporations, partnerships, LLCs and family farms. If the proposed regulations are approved in their current form, the transfer tax cost of transferring interests in a corporation to family members will increase significantly.
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10/1/2016| Reference Number : 82.0| Legislative/Regulatory | IRS/Treasury Transfer Tax Proposal |

Evolving Rules About Epi Pens

A new statute, Pennsylvania (24 P.S. 14-1414.2) became effective in January 2015 addressing a school’s administration of EpiPens. As a result many schools are reviewing EpiPen handling expectations with their contractors. In some cases, there is confusion about exactly what the new statute means and how it interacts with an older Pennsylvania statute (42 Pa. C.S. 8337.1) that provides civil immunity in some situations to certain people who render emergency care. This article provides informatio...
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12/16/2015| Reference Number : 65.0| School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | Emergency care, EpiPens, First Aid, Immunity |

Questions from the Road - Regionals 2013

It was a great pleasure to join the PSBA team as they visited Meadville, Washington and Gettysburg during the Regional trip held the last week of March. Each evening session was well attended and we had great participation from the audience. Of course there were a few questions we didn’t get to or we wanted to research the topic a bit more before answering to get the details straight. These excellent questions from the March Regionals are answered below in potpourri fashion.
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