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Compensable Pre-Employment Training

For school transportation contractors in Pennsylvania, it is peak hiring season as the start of the new school year is just under a month away. Many contractors are navigating through the nationwide driver shortage to find drivers to fill seats on school buses for the upcoming school year, and are beginning to take a closer look at policies and practices relating to the hiring and training of drivers. As contractors continue to look for creative ways to address the driver shortage while experien...
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7/28/2022| Reference Number : 188.0| Legal, School Bus | Pre-Employment Training, Fair Labor Standards Act |

School Bus Contractors and the Unintended Effect of the WARN Act

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. 29 U.S.C. § 2101 et seq., passed in 1988, requires employers to provide employees with advanced notice of mass layoffs or plant closings. The advanced notice requirement is intended to help displaced workers find new employment, and there are significant penalties against employers for non-compliance. But, the notice requirements could be triggered in situations where a school district changes from one contractor to another. This...
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6/24/2021| Reference Number : 259.168| Legal, School Bus | Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, WARN, Layoff, Termination |

D&A Suspicion Training

The increased presence of drugs and alcohol has become a common topic of discussion, not only in the media, but in the workplace as well. While the country as a whole faces epidemic proportions of overdose cases each year, employers are confronted on a daily basis with a myriad of intoxication levels, including legal levels. Employers must take steps each and every day to ensure a safe work place, minimize accidents and losses, and consistently apply a written drug and alcohol policy. This artic...
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Legal Updates for School Bus Contractors - The Year 2016 in Review

The legal environment for the school bus industry was active in 2016. For a summary of the most talked about legal topics of the past year, contact RC Kelly Law Associates for our article titled "Legal Updates for School Bus Contractors The 2016 Year in Review"
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Recovering CDL Training Costs

Employers invest significant amounts of time and money in specialized training for prospective and existing employees. When the employee uses their newly acquired knowledge, skill, or credentials for the benefit of the company, the in-vestment pays off. But, if the employee leaves shortly after the training, or never joins the company, the investment is lost. This article provides some insight and suggestions that will help employers avoid losing the value of their investment in specialized trai...
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9/1/2012| Reference Number : 16.0| Human Resources, School Bus | Training, CDL |