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Government Relations

We understand that legislation and regulation is a complex world that is difficult to navigate and comprehend. As a result, our government relations consultants can tailor programs best suited to your business needs to ensure your business’s federal and state compliance do not fall to the way side. We create custom reporting based on your industry to summarize your compliance requirements in an easy to digest format – ensuring you always stay one-step ahead of emerging trends.

Federal & State Regulatory Tracking

We’ll ensure you remain current on all your compliance requirements by tracking and reporting on Federal and State regulations. We know regulations are often hard to interpret, which is why we offer this service. We’ll provide periodic reports that summarize regulatory updates, and make recommendations so you can feel confident about your compliance needs. We even offer assistance drafting comments and submitting comments on your behalf if you have any specific concerns surrounding a specific regulatory proposal.

Federal & State Legislative Tracking

Our consultants are well versed in State and Federal legislation tracking. We’ll keep you apprised on any pertinent legislation that would help, or hurt, your business. It doesn’t matter if your operations are in one state or many, we custom build reports based on your specific business needs.