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Business Counsel Program

What is the Business Counsel Program?

Normal day to day events for most growing business operations include a variety of legal issues involving contracts, billing/service disputes, sub-contractor agreements leases, purchases, employment matters, etc – all handled with existing staff who are already busy with “real work”. Often, staff members with good business skills but no formal legal education are in the position of having to negotiate indemnity language, subrogation waivers, and other complex and state specific contract terms against the staff attorneys representing the other party. Many times, staff members do not seek the advice of counsel on a contractual matter that is considered “too small” for the expense of an attorney review. Unfortunately, small transactions often lead to large and unexpected exposures. Frequently, legal assistance is sought only after a significant event has occurred. Just as often, the impact of the event could have been mitigated or avoided with some up front legal consultation and handling. The Business Counsel Program was developed with these challenges in mind.

Our program provides all of the legal and consulting support your business needs for one monthly flat fee. This program eliminates the ups and downs and surprises of traditional hourly billing and assures that there is no matter “too small” for proper legal review and handling. It’s like having an attorney on staff but for a fraction of the cost.

How does the Business Counsel Program Work?

One flat monthly fee includes unlimited access to an attorney for services including document review, drafting, redrafting, contract negotiation, training, counseling, and general business/legal advice and assistance for you and your entire staff. An attorney is always available by phone, email, and face to face as needed. When the program is introduced to your organization, an attorney will meet with you and key members of your staff at your location to review your existing contracts and procedures to determine what will most immediately benefit your business. We will collaboratively redraft relevant business documents and hold periodic follow up meetings or phone conferences to help keep projects on track. You will receive periodic updates as new issues arise, evolve, and achieve resolution.

What are the Benefits of the Business Counsel Program?

  • One flat monthly fee makes budgeting easy
  • Every member of your staff gets fast, easy answers to legal questions to help avoid problems before they occur
  • No question or problem is “too small” to be referred to an attorney – this helps assure that small problems don’t become big problems
  • The Business Counsel attorney knows and understands the challenges of your business
  • Periodic updates keep you informed and in charge
  • The risk reductions achieved through the Business Counsel Program can be packaged for presentation to your insurer at renewal time. Enhanced insurability will help keep premiums low and assure maximum underwriting insurability.

Next Steps

Contact the RC Kelly team at 215-896-3846 or at help@rckelly.com to arrange a no cost consultation at your location.