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Act 24 Lifetime Ban - Evlauating Criminal History When Hiring

School bus contractors and school districts are all familiar with the disqulifying offenses listed in 24 P.S. §1-111€ and know that the words of the statute appear to apply a lifetime ban from employment for individuals who have ever been conficted of "enumerated offenses". But, many are not aware that subsequesnt court decisions and guideance published by the Pennsylvania Department of Education now allows for discretion when considering criminal acts from many, many years ago...
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Questions from the Road - Regionals 2013

It was a great pleasure to join the PSBA team as they visited Meadville, Washington and Gettysburg during the Regional trip held the last week of March. Each evening session was well attended and we had great participation from the audience. Of course there were a few questions we didn’t get to or we wanted to research the topic a bit more before answering to get the details straight. These excellent questions from the March Regionals are answered below in potpourri fashion.
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