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Choosing Safe Stops for School Buses and School Vehicles

Planning routes and choosing stops for school buses and school vehicles is not an easy task. Stops can vary greatly depending on geographic area – some students may live on or near roads that require pickup or discharge on the road, yet others may require a pickup or discharge off the road. While school transportation contractors typically develop routes and stops in conjunction with their partnering school district, there are statutory and regulatory limitations, and safety considerations, tha...
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3/4/2024| Reference Number : 259.214| Legal, School Bus | Illegal Passing, Bus Stops, Loading Zones, Pennsylvania |

School Vehicle Curbside Pick Ups

Many contractors use school vehicles such as vans or multi-function school activity buses (MFSABs) to transport students. As public awareness of the dangers of illegal passing have increased, the roadway presence and proper operation of school vehicles that do not have stop arms and eight way lights have received increased scrutiny from schools, parents, police, and others. This article will discuss how to reconcile the often competing issues of public perception, legal compliance, and location ...
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3/6/2020| Reference Number : 152.0| Legal, School Bus, Legislative/Regulatory | Bus Stops, Loading Zones, School Vehicle |