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New NLRB Ruling Affects Non-Disparagement and Confidentially Clauses

When entering into formal agreements with employees, employers commonly include terms to protect certain interests, such as its reputation and image, or the terms surrounding the specific agreement. Recently, the National Labor Relations Board (the “NLRB”) decided an issue before it concerning non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses that were incorporated into severance agreements signed by employees. The Board’s decision ultimately affects how employers should use similar language in f...
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3/27/2023| Reference Number : 259.197| McLaren Macomb, #MeToo, Sexual Harassment, NLRB, Non-Disparagement, Confidentiality |

Confidentiality – FERPA/IDEA/HIPAA and More

For school bus contractors, proper access to and handling of confidential student information is important. This is especially true when dealing with special issues related to a child’s care. Businesses and school districts often struggle to balance the protection of student privacy with the disclosure of information necessary for student health and safety. This article discusses access to and protection of confidential information.
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