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Current Recession Creates More Challenges for Retail

During the previous economic expansion, retail faced an uphill battle. The current recession tripled down on that struggle. The current pessimistic view among panelists in the latest Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast California Commercial Real Estate Survey is that retail properties will be generating significantly lower, if any, returns in 2023 compared to the end of 2020. Overall, the level of new retail property construction is expected to significantly decline from 2020 through 2023; and....
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Allen Matkins | Feb 10,2021 |

Sustainable Development and Land Use Update - February 2021

Biden executive order lays foundation for restoring fair housing rule - The Real Deal – January 27 - President Joe Biden has taken the first step toward reinstating a fair housing rule that was repealed last year. The rule required local governments that receive federal funds to identify discriminatory housing policies and map out plans to combat them....By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Feb 06,2021 |

Sustainable Development and Land Use Update - January 2021 #4

California lawmakers vote to extend COVID-19 eviction protections through June - Los Angeles Times – January 28 - Californians facing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 pandemic will be protected from eviction through June as long as they pay part of their rent under an emergency bill approved this Thursday by the Legislature, just three days before an existing moratorium was set to expire......By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Feb 02,2021 |

I Can't Explain The "Good Will" But California's Business & Professions Code Does

According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Immanuel Kant believed that "good will" is the only unqualified good thing.  The Encyclopedia explains that "In Kant’s terms, a good will is a will whose decisions are wholly determined by moral demands or, as he often refers to this, by the Moral Law".   ...By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Jan 27,2021 |

PropTech Update - January 2021

Fifth Wall to launch PropTech SPAC - The Real Deal – January 6 - Fifth Wall, a prolific PropTech investor that has backed VTS, States Title and Industrious, is joining the SPAC craze. The Los Angeles-based firm is raising money for a blank-check company that could take some of its svampanies public......By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Jan 25,2021 |

CEO Announces A Merger, But Court Finds No Merger

This is a case of three companies.  Two of these companies, Axene and Dynamic Vision, have their principal places of business, and were incorporated, in California.   The third company, Healthstar, was organized in and has its principal place of business in Tennessee.  In 2017, the Chief Executive Officer and sole director of Dynamic Vision sent Healthstar an email "announcing a merger with Axene Health Partners!" ...By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Dec 30,2020 |

PropTech Update - December 2020

Rent tech space bounces back in Q3 - Bullet GlobeSt.com – December 7 - After experiencing its worst quarter since 2018 at the start of the pandemic, the rent tech space showed signs of recovery in the third quarter. RET Ventures tracks the market's activity, and recently produced its first quarterly data report on the space......By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Dec 14,2020 |

Court Finds No Substantial Federal Issue Engendered By Claim Of California Option Plan Exemption

The United States federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction.  Therefore, it is not always possible to make a "federal case" out of claim, even when issues of federal law may be involved. ...By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Dec 09,2020 |

PropTech Update - November 2020

Tishman Speyer forms $300 million SPAC to invest in PropTech companies - Bullet The Real Deal – October 26 - Tishman Speyer has formed a $300 million blank-check company — becoming the first major real estate owner to embrace what’s become a wildly popular but speculative investing tool......By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Nov 23,2020 |

Sustainable Development and Land Use Update - November 2020

California voters reject measure to expand rent control - Bullet SFGate – November 4 - Voters on Tuesday soundly rejected a ballot measure that would have let California cities expand rent control in a state where residents are grappling with rising housing costs. Proposition 21 would have allowed cities and counties to implement stricter forms of rent control than they can now under the state’s Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act......By: Allen Matkins
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Allen Matkins | Nov 06,2020 |
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