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And Another Thing...

With Flu Season upon us, it is important to keep in mind two workforce management aspects….

ONE:  Unplanned absences like casual sick days result in the highest per-day productivity loss, 21% versus just 15% for planned absences like vacation days.
The real impact to the organizations comes in the form of indirect cost:  

·         The employee's absence affects coworkers and slows down a project's completion.

  • The absent employee's work is "covered" by coworkers, a temporary worker, "floaters," or the employee's supervisor.
  • An ample supply of replacement workers slows but does not stop the "bleeding."  and replacement workers are less efficient

Attached are two flyers you can print and hang at your location to mitigate the affect of the flu on your employees and the workforce.  Please post and practice good cold/flu prevention.  

TWO: Don’t assume that ‘minor ailments’ don’t qualify for FMLA leave.  Surely a case of the flu wouldn’t qualify a worker for FMLA leave, would it? The law says that a “serious health condition” is one that requires three consecutive days, 72 hours or more, of leave.  A number of courts have ruled that an ailment like the flu can be considered severe.   But don’t let employees try and tell you that they qualify for FMLA leave because their ailment required three days of leave that weren’t consecutive.  Not sure about employee absences and who qualifies for FMLA as a “serious health condition”?  Call our office – we can assist in the evaluation and management of the FMLA process.

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