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RC Kelly Law Associates is an innovative law firm, working with clients in all stages of business development. We are committed to finding practical solutions for our clients, so they can stay focused on their core business. We work to anticipate our clients' business and industry challenges and provide proactive solutions.


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About Our Firm

RC Kelly Law Associates provides legal services, consultation, and education to businesses, large and small. Clients with operations nationwide rely on RC Kelly Law Associates for contract negotiation/administration, human resource management, enterprise risk management, commercial recoveries, and a full range of other Business Counsel Services

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Company News
Matthew Jandrisavitz joined the firm in October 2016 and has quickly become an outstanding member of  RC Kelly Law Associates team. With experience in a variety of business law areas, Matt has concentrated his focus on unemployment compensation, contracts, and employment law. Previously, Matthew worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry's Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, making final determinations as to unemployment benefits, and affirming or overruling the decisions of appeal hearing referees. Matthew also has experience working for the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as a legal clerk. Matthew holds a bachelor's degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Juris Doctor from Widener University, Commonwealth Law School. He has been admitted to practice in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please join us in welcoming Matthew to the RC Kelly Law Associate's team!

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We are pleased to announce that Sandi Steelhammer has recently been appointed as a Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Sandi joins Grace Bradley Kelly and Kati Kelly Tramontano who are also Notary Publics for RC Kelly Law Associates. Our appointed notaries can provide the following services for our clients: 

* Acknowledgment of Signatures
* Oaths or Affirmations
* Certified Copies of Original Documents
* Affidavits
* Depositions
* Verifications

Join us in congratulating Sandi on this achievement!

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Legal News
New North Carolina Sales Tax Provisions for Contracts Related to Real Property
Tuesday Feb 21,2017

This alert is relevant for contractors who perform construction services on real property in the state of North Carolina. In South Carolina, contractors remain subject to the traditional sales or use tax at the time of all purchases, including...
By: Nexsen Pruet, PLLC 

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Practice Areas
Business Counsel Program

Normal day to day events for most growing business operations include a variety of legal issues involving contracts, billing/service disputes, sub-contractor agreements, leases, purchases, employment matters. Very complex and time consuming. We can help; so you can get back to your core business.

Contract Administration Program

The contractual environment for all businesses has become more complex in recent years. Contracts that were formerly sealed with a handshake or simple agreement now require complex legal documents.

Human Resources Consulting

Our program provides you with human resources expertise and access to legal counsel at a service level that is tailored to fit your business and your needs.

Workers Compensation

RC Kelly Law Associates provides counsel and representation to employers and their insurers in the defense of workers compensation claims. …


Like most attorney based debt collection, our program is designed to help you lower your Accounts Receivable – but then we take it a step further…

Expert Services & Insurance Consulting

Richard Kelly is an insurance claims professional with over 25 years experience handling, managing, and auditing property/casualty insurance claims and litigation.

Legal Focus Articles
Living in a diverse country such as America, we encounter people with many and varying religious practices. Currently, state and federal laws require employers to make reasonable accommodations for an employee’s religious practices. But, can an employer or the state DMV require a person to remove religious headwear or face coverings for a driver’s license photo or employee ID badge? Below you will find a discussion of laws related to the removal of religious headwear or face coverings for a driver’s license or ID photograph in the state of Pennsylvania.

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