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Business Counsel Program Profile Examples

Without the Business Counsel Program your legal needs are unpredictable hourly expenses to be avoided. You are reluctant to engage counsel for “small” matters even though disputes are unpredictable. Unexpected events can create huge losses and claims that affect your insurance premiums and expose your business to uninsured losses. Most of the time you “go it alone” and rely on your business skills and good sense.

For Example…A good job with a big owner or GC comes with a 30 page subcontract

Without the Business Counsel Program

You skip attorney review because you need to move fast and don’t want an attorney to “over lawyer” it and risk the deal. However, language on page twenty-two paragraph five transfers liability of on site damages from the GC to you.

Without the Business Counsel Program - 30-Page Subcontract

Your attorney has negotiated away most risks without losing the deal and has explained any risks that remain. You move forward assured that all your risks are insured or measured and accepted by you.

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