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And Another Thing...

My employee bought a new gun and brought it onto company property to show the other gun fans in the building.  If someone has a permit to carry a gun, can I tell them they can’t have it in their car on company property? 


Answer: Yes, you can forbid firearms on company property. Even if they have a permit to carry, you have the right to dictate what happens on your private company property.  Make sure you have a clear and detailed “Workplace Security” or “Violence in the Workplace” policy in your handbook that outlines your expectations.


As always, laws from state to state may vary. Most states that allow individuals to carry a concealed weapon also give property owners the right to ban firearms on the premises. Make sure that you are familiar with your state’s laws regarding guns on company property and other areas (for example, in Pennsylvania, even if you have a gun permit/license you cannot have a gun in a court house, elementary school or secondary school.  Philadelphia has also passed an ordinance (4/4/13) that bans firearms in City Parks.)


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