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And Another Thing...

On March 17th Richard Kelly, Esq. joined members of the Pennsylvania School Bus Association (PSBA) as Governor Tom Corbett signed Senate Bill 57 (Act 9) amending Pennsylvania’s wiretap law to permit audio taping on a school bus.

SB 57/Act 9 will remove the risks of lawsuits previously faced by contractors regarding audio taping that was often required, formally or informally, by the schools they served.  Allowing audio recordings inside school buses will provide contractors and schools with a valuable tool for managing events that occur on the bus and will help create a safer school bus environment for all.

With this change it will be important to provide notice to school districts officials, parents, students and your employees. We recommend you meet with your district officials to co-develop communication pieces for students, parents, and teachers.

Below is a sample of policy language that can be used to update your Employee handbooks.  We recommend that your seek counsel before making changes to your handbook as not all sample policies work for each company.

Audio/Video Surveillance Cameras


It is necessary to remind everyone associated with the school bus industry, parents, students, and our employees, aides and drivers that each bus carries an Audio/Video Recording Box that is recording live audio and video on the bus at all times.  Any actions recorded by such audio/video equipment can be viewed and used without limitation to investigate civil or criminal liability against any and all people on the bus, including you.  You are hereby notified that you have no expectation of privacy in regards to your activities recorded by the audio/video equipment on the school bus.  You should also know that the audio/video recordings can be used against you in a civil or criminal proceeding and in any and all other disciplinary proceedings.  An employee, driver, or aide should never tamper with the audio/video equipment on the bus.  If the system is not operating correctly, you must immediately notify your supervisor.  These same warnings and notices also apply to the audio/video cameras located throughout the bus depot, garage and office of the Company.   

Interested in learning more about how Senate Bill 57 could affect you or your business? Need assistance updating your employee handbook? Contact RC Kelly Law Associates at 215-896-3846 or

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