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Question: I have an employee who is out on Worker’s Comp for a back injury.  He is not able to lift, bend, kneel or pull anything.  My company celebrates Employee Appreciation Night every year around this time.  Should an employee out on worker’s comp be allowed to attend this celebration when the doctor has them on restrictions?

Great Question!  There are many rules and regulations that come along with worker’s compensation.  While many of these regulations are clearly written out, there are many gray areas that arise while dealing with employees who are on are receiving worker’s compensation.

Studies have shown the more you include those out on comp in work activity the more quickly they return to work. Also not inviting the employee may appear to be punitive/ retaliatory after a comp claim.  For those two reasons, you may want to invite them.  They may choose not to come but you have at least tried to include the employee in work functions. 

To read more about the PA Worker’s Compensation Act click here. Return-to-Work programs help employers to remain competitive, but also help workers to remain employed. Read more about PA Return to Work Programs here.

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