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And Another Thing...

Another great question that we have received several times here at the office…so here are the basics rules regarding breaks in Pennsylvania:

For adult employees working in non-farming jobs, the employer is not required to give an employee over age 18 a break period. However, an employer can elect to give breaks.

Breaks that are 20 minutes or less are considered compensable time, the employee must be paid for that time, regardless of work activity or lack of work activity during the break.

If the break is longer than 20 minutes, and the employee has been completely relieved from duty;  the employer is not required to pay for the break. 

Be aware however, that providing a “break” or “meal break” that is longer than 20 minutes but still requires the employee to answer the phone or complete paperwork, such as patient documentation, run to the bank or post office does not count as being completely relieved of duties and therefore the employee should be paid. 

In these scenarios, the employee is still engaged in work activity and, according to the Fair Labor Standard Act, must be paid.

In Pennsylvania, only seasonal farm workers and minors age 17 and under are mandated to receive breaks. If you employ seasonal farm workers or children age 14 – 17 please review your requirements carefully, as you must provide a break that is at least 30 minutes long for every five hours of consecutive work.  This break does not need to be paid break (as it is longer than 20 minutes as discussed above).

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