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And Another Thing...

Did you know…

67 % of illicit drug user and 74% of Binge drinkers are gainfully employed?  
25% of workers know someone who is using or drinking while on the job.

Our staff recently attended a drug free workplace seminar.  The program was hosted by Drug Free Workplace Solutions– a non-profit (spawned from Drug Free PA and Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs,) offering all elements of a best practices solution for a reasonable fee.  

Here are some of the quick tips we learned on how you can develop a safe and substance free workplace. 

Best practices include

  1. A Written Policy – specific to your industry and unique to your operations
  2. Program Promotion – communication/signs “Drug Free Workplace”
  3. Employee Drug Testing - Pre employment and annual baseline testing/random testing
  4. Education – ongoing and dynamic for employees and supervisors
  5. Employee Assistance Program – publicized and promoted
Some Specifics about policies and practices:
  1. Substance Policy should be a separate policy with separate signature required (not just a paragraph in handbook)
  2. Policy should include fit for duty language (which addresses off hours), tampering policy and consequences.
  3. Drug Screens and any Medical info must be keep in separate personnel file.
  4. By law you must address/provide direction for employees who as for help.
  5. In situation of suspicion - always suspend – until investigation is complete.

Benefits of a sound program
  1. Compliance – Achieves and maintains regulatory compliance with DOT and other agencies
  2. Cost Savings – Reduces the costs of lost time and increasing workers’ compensation claims.
  3. Liability Reduction – Implement programs to help keep employees and customers safe.
  4. Employee Productivity – Helps employees stay focused on their involvement with the team.
  5. Recruitment/Retention – Demonstrates your commitment to a healthy work environment.
Of relevance for our school bus industry clients – the DOT finalized their Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs effective 10/1/10 – Click here for a summary.

Also of note…Drug Free Pennsylvania formed a partnership 10 years ago with the State Workers’ Insurance Fund (SWIF) to offer their policyholders, whose premiums are greater than $20,000, a credit on their workers’ compensation policy premium based on their level of participation in the Drug-Free WorkPlace Solutions program.  For more about this credit click here.

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